Our mission is the
preservation and revitalization
of ancestral Mesoamerican foodways.

We aim to achieve this mission with the following values and practices:

Traditonally-Prepared, Nutrient-Dense Mesoamerican Foods

  • We emphasize traditional methods of preparation, which increase nutritional value and create amazing flavor. For example: nixtamalization, grain roasting, and whole grain milling.
  • We believe that nutrient-dense food is deeply nourishing and nutritious. We use only:
    • whole grains
    • unrefined sweeteners
    • never any artificial additives, gums, or fillers

Focus on Precolonial & Heirloom Ingredients

  • Whenever possible, we feature precolonial & heirloom ingredients.
  • Ancient heirloom and landrace varieties are:
    • A living connections to agricultural and cultural history.
    • Uniquely adapted to certain environments, which is increasingly important in our climate-unstable world.
    • More nutrient-dense than modern genetically-engineered varieties.
    • Incredibly diverse, with an incredible range of flavors, colors, textures.

Supporting Decolonization

We support those looking to incorporate ancestral
foods and foodways into their modern lifestyle, with a focus on reclaiming health and deepening cultural reconnection.

  • Resources: We provide support in the form of resources, education, and recipes.
  • Restoring Ancestral Foodways: For many populations, ancestral foodways have been lost or broken by colonization. There are growing modern movements for the descendants in these populations looking at "decolonizing" diets, and exploring how ancestral diets and precolonial foods provide nutrition appropriate for one's heritage, and frequently for one's healing.
  • Mesoamerican Diet: For example, wheat, beef, pork, and dairy were all introduced into the Mesoamerican region by colonization and precolonial cuisine didn't feature these ingredients, although modern-day cuisine in the region does. Ancestral Mesoamerican cuisine is naturally gluten-free, strongly plant-based, and dairy-free.
  • Cultural Reconnection: Learning about ancestral foodways is also a form of cultural reconnection. For many of us, cultural reconnection is how we collect these fragments of our communities that have been scattered throughout geography and history by diasporas. Understanding ourselves by learning about the cultural origins of our lineage, the historical context that made our existence possible, can be very powerful journey. It can help us root deeper into who we are and who we want to be moving forward.

Environmental Responsibility

We use exclusively sustainably-grown ingredients and prioritize compostable packaging.
  • Regenerative Systems: We believe in creating systems that are regenerative and nourishing to people and the planet, rather than extractive and depleting.
  • Sustainable Ingredients: We exclusively source ingredients that are either:
    • 1) certified organic
    • 2) grown by small farmers using organic practices, who due to their size are unable to obtain certification at this time.
  • Compostable Packaging: For as many products as possible, we use packaging and labels that are ASTM-certified compostable. (At the time of writing, all products except the tortillas. And for the tortillas we are actively seeking a compostable option for the future.) We also prioritize working with vendors who provide greener products, for example our business cards and banners.

Social Responsbility

We pay living wages and support social justice organizations.
  • Living Wage: We pay a living wage, offering stable employment in our local community. We value operating as a team, recognizing that we all deserve equal respect and consideration.
  • Social Justice: An integral part of creating a better food system and world is prioritizing social justice. We are dedicated to creating a workplace that's diverse and safe for all. We also donate a portion of our sales to organizations that work for food justice, social justice, and indigenous sovereignty.
  • Good Food GuildWe are proud members of the Good Food Guild. The Guild fosters, distinguishes and unites tasty, authentic and responsible food crafters, offering concrete support for their businesses and amplifying the impact of their individual choices to do what’s right rather than what’s easy.

Good Food Guild


  • We envision offering a full range of food products, kitchen tools, and recipe books that celebrate the incredible richness, variety, and beautiful history of ancestral Mesoamerican cuisine.
  • We plan to expand our educational efforts, including but not limited to: offering classes and workshops in-person and online; educating through our social media; creating resources with more information about ancestral Mesoamerican diets here on our website.
  • On a larger level, we envision doing our part to help society embody the following:
    • cooperation
    • mutual benefit and respect
    • harmonious, regenerative systems
    • a spirit of evolution, always striving towards creating a better world