Organic Chipotle Chiles (US)


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Drying the peppers intensifies the flavors, creating a unique flavor profile distinct from fresh. Use these dried peppers for salsa, mole, to add into your pot of dried beans or rice, grind into flakes or powder, soup, or any dish where you'd like to kick up the heat.

To rehydrate: remove stem and seeds. Soak for 30 minutes in just enough boiling water to cover the chiles. The water can be used in your recipe, or reserved for later use (refrigerated or frozen into ice cubes). Optional step: before soaking, roast chiles in a preheated pan until fragrant, or in a toaster oven at 350° for around 3-6 minutes.

Hand-harvested from a small-scale organic farm in the United States.

Variety: Capsicum annuum
Spice level: medium to mild
Scoville scale: 3,500 to 8,000 SHU

Product features: organic, naturally gluten-free & vegan, no artificial preservatives or coloring, ASTM-certified compostable packaging.

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