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Heirloom Corn Pinole Drink Mix

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To make a glass of pinole, simply add this mix to the liquid of your choice. This traditional agua fresca is light and refreshing, perfect for drinking along with a plate of tacos or during a hot summer day. Also great for endurance athletes! (As popularized in the US by the book Born to Run.)

Made with organic heirloom corn, unrefined coconut sugar, Ceylon cinnamon, and whole vanilla.


Add 3 tablespoons (more/less to taste) to the liquid of your choice: milk, almond milk, water, coffee, or smoothie.

With milk or a thicker liquid, it will be ready to drink right away. With water or thinner liquids, we recommend letting it soak overnight in the fridge.

More Ways to Use

Find more information about how to use this ingredient on our recipes page.

Add to: smoothies, coffee, cocktails, milk, tea.
Warm beverage: hot cocoa, atole.
Baking/Dessert: energy bar, cake, cookies, muffins, pudding, custard.
Breakfast: porridge style, pancakes, waffles.
Sprinkle over: sliced apple, ice cream, yogurt.

Store in a cool, dry place.
Ingredients: heirloom corn*, coconut sugar*, cinnamon*, vanilla*. *Organic ingredient.

Product features: non-GMO organic ingredients, gluten-free & vegan, ASTM-certified compostable packaging.